Friday, 4 December 2009

RJF Audio Visual stock in Liquidation Auction

In my first blog posting, I told of the demise of my comany, RJF Audio Visual, after 20 years of trading. Today I'm just putting up a very quick posting to let you know that the companies' stock is up for auction, as no reserve listings.  No doubt there will be some rediculessly cheap bargains to be had, even with the buyers premium and VAT.  The auction is of an on-line style and is running now for the next 7 days.  The stock is being held in Cheltenham and for certain items it would be well worth a journey of several hundred miles to pick-up the spoils.  Have a look at AMS Actions now and be shocked at what's happening.

Here's a few items as a taster of what's on offer.  Prices I've given in brackets are a guide of the new selling price:-
My all time favourite Quad 2805 ESL's (new price c. £6,000), these are our ex-dem pair.
All 4 QSC active PA cabs - 2x 12" 500W top / stage wedge cabs plus the 2x 15" 700W subs (c.£4,000).
Definitive Audio Super Towers (£3,800/pair).
Definitive Audio Mythos 1 (£1,800/pair).
Alto PBM4 mini PA amp (£200).
KAM KAP1000 MkII DJ Mixer.
Denon DVD2500 blue ray player.
Nuforce Reference 9V2 power amps. (Be careful here, one of the 3 listed is actually half of the pre-amp stage, the other half was one item taken in the robbery, but they are worth £1,800 each and the distributor can supply the missing box, so try to buy all 3!)
Allen & Heath PA12 pro live mixing console.
Arcam FMJ A18 and A28 integrated amps.
Densen B-300 integrated amp (£1,000).
Quad 99 and 909 power amps (£550 and £850).
Acoustic Energy EGOm sub sat systems (£129).
Tascam CD-01U pro CD player (£650).
Denon CD players and amps.
Quad, Wharfedale and Monitor Audio hi-fi speakers.
Mini mixers.
Phonic rack processors and amps.
Cables by the box full.
Lighting accessories.
Speaker and mic stands.
Guitar Effects.

Please take a look and help youself to some bargains!  If your not sure and want to message me about something, that's fine - use the comments feature, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

A few images from the auction:-

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