Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Latest Business Developments

I have been busy, for a little while, setting things in motion ready for the new venture.

I have purchased a domain and hosting ready for my website to be generated (all I need now is some capital input so that this can be put in progress). 

I have now got a workspace and office which is fully equipped and working.  I also have access to many spare parts, so please get in touch about your items that require service.  There doesn't seem to be that many repair people around these days, so mail order repairs and spares now appears to be a viable option.  I have operated a similar service for other dealers around the country in the past.  I also performed a huge number of AC3 conversions on laserdisc players by mail order.  So there is no reason why repairing/servicing cannot work direct to end-user, I already have a good courier service that can pick-up as well as deliver.

I now have an account with The Chord Company, manufacturer of award-winning cables for hi-fi & home cinema.  As many previous customers will recognise, I am a great advocate of this companies products and great believer in their philosophy.  Please direct your enquiries and orders here!  No matter what your level of system, I can help you choose the right cables for optimum performance. 

Many will also know of my great knowledge and expertise with installed audio and visual systems.  This is an area that I hope to be returning to.  It is something that I enjoy immensely - the conception and design of a system and being able to see the project through to completion and working.  In the past I have worked with pubs, clubs, village halls, houses of worship, conference rooms, council chambers, leisure centres and much more.  I have even designed systems for the client and successfully instructed his electrician in the installation of the system by telephone and email.  I now have access to a variety of commercial installation products and would very much like the opportunity to carry on this work.

Please contact me now if any of this or related topics interest you!

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