Friday, 16 December 2011

Lots of Work!

The work just doesn't seem to be letting up lately, I've been incredibly busy for he last couple of months (and just plain busy before that!).

Without much time to sit down and write a full-blown episode at the moment, here's a taster of just some of the vintage guitar amps that have been coming in lately:-

Elpico AC-55

JMI Domino

Selmer Stadium TV19

Selmer TV6

Selmer Zodiac 100 S.V.

Watkins Scout

You don't say!

My next personal project:
This is a late 1960's Kelly 50W lead & bass head.
I'm not a player, so this will be up for sale when it's finished (any offers?).
It's basically in good shape, so should turn out nice.  I have no idea when it was last used and I haven't run it up yet, so don't know if it has any major issues.  Probably not as the build standard is very high.

A previous owner?

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